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Billing is the lifeblood of your business. Get a complete practice management system, not just a billing add-on.

eTHOMAS (Total Health Office Management Automation System) is our premiere healthcare management and billing software product.
At Genius Solutions, Inc. we believe managing your office should be as easy and comfortable as possible. A team of healthcare software professionals started Genius Solutions, Inc. in 1986 and with over 30 years of healthcare and software experience, we can help you succeed. Comprehensive doesn't have to mean complicated.

You are #1!
Our practice management system puts your needs first. We want to help you both streamline and enhance your current office management. We want to give you more time to get paid and enjoy helping your patients. Our aim is to give you the best tools to manage your practice and keep your practice from managing you.

We care!
At Genius Solutions, Inc. we are always on the lookout for solutions that will allow you greater freedom and ease to care for your patients, increase your cash flow, and continue to grow your business. Because of this design and development philosophy, our applications are in use throughout the United States.

We look forward to working with you.

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  • Easy to implement and operate
  • Submit claims & receive electronic remittance from nearly every clearinghouse across the United States
  • Check eligibility with 1-click
  • Built-in integration with the top industry electronic health record software programs
  • Designed to easily scale with both small and large network environments
  • Low monthly subscription rates and no additional costs for multi-office organizations
  • Extensive claim tracking and rebilling tools
  • Validation & data integrity checking utilities help you input data accurately and efficiently
  • Track procedure codes, generate recall reports, and monitor work & cash flow with dozens of built-in financial, system, & customizable reports, which can also integrate with Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Customize your Appointment Scheduler in dozens of ways
  • Attach multimedia to patient files - scan in, upload, store, and view patients pictures, insurance cards, and other multimedia
  • Comprehensive security & activity tracking
  • Feature-rich application services including electronic patient billing, automated appointment phone calls, text and email reminders

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