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If you treat patients suffering from motor vehicle accidents or sports-related injuries, we have the online course for you.

Each year over 3-million concussions are reported from motor vehical and sports injuries. The primary recommendation offered to these patients is to go home and rest it will just take time. This is NOT true. Chiropractors are desperately needed to treat these cases.

Check out our Concussion Module outline:

  1. Epidemiology of Concussion
    A review of how prevalent concussions are occurring in sports and motor vehicle accidents.
  2. Mechanism of Injury and Consensus Paper on Concussion
    What are the forces, kinetics, and kinematics of occupants in a motor vehicle accident to cause a concussion? What are the mechanisms for a sports related concussion? A review of the most recent consensus paper on concussion, with emphasis on management, return to learn, and return to play.
  3. Neurological Refresher
    In this module we discuss the autonomic nervous system, dorsal root ganglion, posterior columns, and the role of the cerebellum.
  4. History and Examination Procedures for the Concussed and Post-Concussion Patient
    Not all histories are like, and this is especially true for concussions and post-concussion patients. In this section we cover how to document the mechanism of injury, history of present illness, Review of Systems, Past Medical, Family, and Social Histories. We then provide a comprehensive examination flow for a concussed patient. We cover cervical spine evaluation, cranial nerve testing, neurological testing of the upper and lower extremities.
  5. How to use Low-Force Cervical Chiropractic Manipulations for Concussion and Post-Concussion Care
    In this section we demonstrate how to use cervical flexion-distraction, and instrumented assisted manipulations to the upper cervical spine. We also discuss soft-tissue therapy for both cervicogenic headache and vertigo.
  6. Active Rehabilitation
    Here we demonstrate how to determine sub-symptom aerobic exercise protocols, and why it is important to begin aerobic exercise sooner than later. We also provide low tech rehabilitation advice for balance and proprioception training using the Motion Guidance System.
  7. Alternative Treatments for Concussions
    In this section we introduce you to alternative care using guided meditation with the BrainTap system and utilizing NormaTec compression therapy.
  8. When to Return to School, Play, and Work
    In this section you will learn a step-by-step approach to returning a student-athlete back to school and to participation. You will also learn how to determine when it is time to return a patient back to work following a concussion.

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